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20M Credits Price: $15.45/ €12.21
30M Credits Price: $21.45/ €16.95
50M Credits Price: $35.45/ €28.1
100M Credits Price: $69.45/ €54.87
200M Credits Price: $134.45/ €106.22


Star Wars Galaxies (swg) is a sci-fi MMORPG initially released as Star Wars Galaxies(swg): An Empire Divided. This MMOG¨s world consists of ten different planets, each one a 16 km x 16 km map and borrowed from the known fictional Star Wars universe with a timeline set between the Episode IV: A New Hope and Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back movies. Star Wars Galaxies (swg) features content both mentioned and not mentioned in various Star Wars media. During character creation, players may choose from ten different species and nine different primary professions, all of which are mentioned in various Star Wars media.

website  : http://starwarsgalaxies.station.sony.com/

      Star Wars Galaxies (swg) credit will delivery in 15 min - 24 hours . meet in tyrena starport  in Corellia 

      A verifying process required for each new Star Wars Galaxies (swg) Credit  buyers

      If Star Wars Galaxies (swg)Credit is not delivered in 24hours, you can either ask for a refund or get 5% extra Star Wars Galaxies (swg) Credit as bonus

      Any question just cilck LIVE CHAT to chat with us anytime .we online 24/7 for your Star Wars Galaxies (swg) Credit

  Copyright of Star Wars Galaxies  belong to SOE. our customers are buying service offered by other players. Our site makes no claim to the virtual properties traded as part of our transactions such as Star Wars Galaxies (swg) Credit

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