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you have selected RIFT Of Telara - US server on Sunrest-Defiants
200 Platinum Price: $7.6/ €6.00
300 Platinum Price: $11.4/ €9.1
500 Platinum Price: $19/ €15.01
800 Platinum Price: $30.4/ €24.2
1000 Platinum Price: $38/ €30.02
2000 Platinum Price: $71.99/ €56.87
3000 Platinum Price: $109.98/ €86.88

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Will send RIFT online PLAT to your mail-box in game. After you payment , just waiting in game for your RIFT PLAT , we delivery kinak with 30mins always (max 12hours).  .

Time to rock the RIFT world with Rift Platinum! It's the first time really that in an MMO, you have the beginnings of emergent game play of things that will happen in this game that the developers aren't able to predict and that the players are going to have a real hand in deciding. If a Rift opens on a town, you can help save it or you can wait for it to do its work.

Sounds intriguing and interesting, right!? In fact, that's only a tip of the iceberg! You have to try it yourself! How can you do it without enough RIFT Platinum? RIFT Gold endows you the power to buy weapons, great gears and everything you need in the game. We are definitely your ideal online store for buying RIFT Plat. We also have fast and safe Rift Power Leveling service for you! Totally without bots or macros!


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