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you have selected Lord of the Rings OL server on US-EU
10 Gold Price: $3.3/ €2.61
30 Gold Price: $9.9/ €7.82
50 Gold Price: $16.5/ €13.4
80 Gold Price: $26.4/ €20.86
100 Gold Price: $33/ €26.07
200 Gold Price: $66/ €52.14
300 Gold Price: $99/ €78.21
500 Gold Price: $165/ €130.35


      Lord of the Rings OL gold will delivery in 1-24 hours   .,will send via mail-box in game  or face to face

      A verifying process required for each new  Lord of the Rings OL gold   buyers

      If  Lord of the Rings OL gold  is not delivered in 24 hours, you can either ask for a refund 

      After you payment , we will delivery  Lord of the Rings OL gold to you via mail-system in game 

      Any question just cilck LIVE CHAT to chat with us anytime .we online 24/7 for your  Lord of the Rings OL gold


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